1) NO SELLING – Please don’t use this group to sell your products or services. There is a members directory and everyone will get a chance to introduce their business at one time or another.

2) NO PROMOTIONAL POSTS – Please don’t use this group to just promote your stuff. There will be specific opportunities & threads for you to promote your offerings and freebies etc.

3) NO SUB-GROUPS – Please don’t set up and promote your own groups within our group, I have worked hard to create this amazing community, so please keep it just as that.

4) NO FACEBOOK LIVES – Please don’t go “LIVE” in the Facebook groups, posting videos is fine, but FB LIVEs are just for use by the discovHer team and for prearranged LIVEs.

5) ASKING FOR FEEDBACK / SURVEYS – There will be threads for feedback – I understand the importance for feedback. Please put your surveys or feedback requests in there.

If every once in a while you have a survey that you’d love other members to take, please share these within the group but please DON’T use this as a way to promote a course / ask people for their email addresses / offer free sessions in return for people filling out your survey. e.g. “If you’d be interested in learning more about my course on XYZ leave your email below”.

6) PLEASE NO FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW / LIKE FOR LIKE – this is a group where your following will grow organically – trust in the magic!

7) EVENTS & MEET UPS – We love members connecting and meeting up with other members locally, so feel free to organise your own meet ups in your area. Please keep these FREE OF CHARGE (promoting paid events isn’t allowed).

8) BE NICE – Please don’t be mean to anyone. This is a group of women who want to empower other women. Please keep it that way.