I am an experienced and accredited Master practitioner in Break up, Divorce and Recovery. I support individuals through the process of relationship breakdown and Divorce giving them the tools and coping mechanisms to get through, what can be a very traumatic journey so they move on to create a life they won’t believe wasn’t destined to be.
Legally, I work with clients to make sure they know what their options are and secure the right representation for their personal circumstances, I support clients by assisting them with the practical legal process including working with them to collate and complete their financial disclosure effectively and efficiently, this saves thousands on legal fees and forms the lynch pin for further negotiations so must be congruent and watertight !! I ensure clients are fully prepared for what lies ahead, both emotionally and practically as the divorce process as anyone will know who has been through it, can be a long and arduous process.

I offer my clients emotional, psychological and practical support throughout empowering them to turn their pain into power and manage their own emotions, its all about looking at the process with the healthiest lens possible, I give clients the coping mechanisms and the tools to be able to remain dignified and in control of both their finances, their emotions and their sanity.

I also offer divorcé concierge services giving my clients access to my extensive network of contacts from lawyers to holistic practitioners.

Past businesses I have worked with:
  • Helen Rutherford from The Parenting Partnership
  • Gill Kirham- The Modern Day Alchemist
  • Alexandra Rose Hypnotherapy