I specialise in helping female entrepreneurs to create personal branding images and films to elevate their business - helping them stand out from the competition, attract more clients and build a successful business.

With over 12 years working for a big FTSE100 company in marketing, brand and communications, I have extensive experience in communicating a message and connecting with an audience in a variety of ways.

I believe that branding photography is more than just taking pictures of products or people. It's about capturing the soul of a business, its values, and its culture. It's about telling a story that connects with potential customers and clients on an emotional level.

That's why I strive to create photographs and films that are authentic, soulful, and inspiring as well as beautiful. I want my images to reflect the unique personality of each business I work with, and to celebrate the people who make it all happen.

Past businesses I have worked with:
  • Becca Meadows Nutrition: https://beccameadowsnutrition.co.uk/
  • Joanna Briggs Photography: https://www.joannabphotography.co.uk/
  • Eleanor Fausing: https://www.eleanorfausing.co.uk/