I am a certified Personal and Professional Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. I am a champion of positive change and self-empowerment. I partner with you to identify what you really want from life and equip you with powerful and pragmatic tools to help you find the clarity and courage to take action. No matter how stuck you might be feeling, you always have choices and options and far more within you than you realise. I unlock this and pave the way for a new perspective and approach. What will follow is self-belief, power and a renewed sense of vitality for life.

I have always been fascinated in human behaviour and psychology; how we each see and interpret the world as individuals. This theme has underpinned my education, career and life at home as a mother of two daughters.

We all have something unique to offer and helping my clients harness their internal resources through positive, decisive action is what drives me. I feel extremely lucky to work in such an exciting and rewarding profession; one that constantly challenges my clients and myself in equal measure.

I am proud to work predominantly with women across a range of issues, industries and life stages and conduct my coaching sessions both online and in person as is convenient for you.

Past businesses I have worked with:
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