Who am I and what’s the benefit of using a Divorce Consultant ?

Hi, I’m Rachel Vincent, a divorced mother of two fine young adults and two naughty Dacshunds, I host my own weekly radio show on Cotswold’s radio “Lets Talk about Love” and also have recently started my own podcast “Let’s talk Divorce” available on Spotify and last but by no means least I am the incredibly proud founder of “The Divorce Consultant”, a consultancy that helps support and guide individuals through the process of relationship break down and divorce.

I set up my business as a Break up and Divorce Consultant in 2017 after working for a number of years running my own lifestyle concierge business.

This busy role paired with my own experience of divorce back in 2004 organically inspired me to create the life raft of services that I wish had of been on offer to me when my life was turned upside down.
In many ways I’ve become the person I wish I’d have known – an inspiring, informed person with an understanding of the legal process with the ability to empower me to do what it is I needed to do to get through this rollercoaster of a journey with my dignity and sanity intact.

I have trained under celebrity Divorce Coach, Sara Davison and one of her fully accredited Master Practitioner Break up and Recovery coaches as well as being one her Elite corporate training team.

Using a Divorce Consultant gives you the benefit of having access to a life raft of services, advice and wisdom, my role is to support you through what can be a very traumatic journey, I can be there to support you emotionally through the tough times giving you the tools and coping mechanisms that you will need to stay strong and focused, ensure you are fully prepared and supported through the legal process by assisting with completion and collation of all legal paperwork (saves you fees) and preparing you for what lies ahead, as well as ensuring you have the right legal representation that best suits your individual circumstances.

I will empower you to take back the remote control of your own life so that you feel in control of your emotions and can move forwards through this process in a calm and progressive manner which will be instrumental in achieving the best possible outcome for yourself both emotionally and financially.

You don’t have to muddle through this alone, I’m passionate about supporting individuals to come through this process stronger, wiser and ready to move forwards, we can’t change the past and we certainly will not allow it to define our future, working with me will empower and inspire you to learn and grow from this experience and with my professional help you will have all the knowledge, confidence and tools to begin creating an exciting and inspiring life that, in time, you won’t believe wasn’t ever destined to be.

Rachel Vincent
07749 775 994

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