All great marketing campaigns build to a crescendo so remember:



Fireworks Night

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

Small Business Saturday

Green Monday


Worried about entering a discount war or concerned events like Black Friday might damage your brand?


You don’t have to discount your product to take part – these are simply marketing opportunities – remember how big Anti-Black-Friday was last year?

Leaving it too late 


The last 2 years I’ve had calls first week of December to pull an ad campaign out of the bag.

Often business owners get so busy with making, selling and shipping that they simply run out of time to manage their ad campaign.

Plan now.


It’s so important to have a plan of attack for your ads from September. This will enable you to test and optimise in September/October to get the best return for your ad spend from thereon in.


Focusing on cold, new audiences and not making the most of your warm, loyal customers 


Treat them like they deserve to be treated – they’ve supported you all year – now’s the tiem to give them a reason to shop with you not your competitor.


Use the Facebook Pixel to retarget them with an exclusive offer only for them – and there’ll be with you through to 2020 too.


Not getting into the minds and hearts of your audience 


Why would they shop with you when there’s such competition in their news feed every second over Christmas?


What are your audience struggling with at Christmas? How could you help them out?

Think past a simple discount or free P & P – could you offer personalisation? Speedy delivery? Free gift wrapping?


Getting your offer right is key to your Christmas success.


Not sure what they really want? Do a poll on your Facebook page or Instagram stories to gain insight now.



Spending too little 


Costs are highest in Q4 – full stop. So if you want a slice of the action really think about what a customer is worth to you – not just for this transaction but what’s the lifetime worth of a customer?



Not knowing what you’re doing


You deserve success with your ads.


But invest the time now to making sure:


Your pixel is installed and firing properly

You feel confident finding your way around Ads Manager

You know exactly which audiences you’re going to target

You know exactly how to set up your campaign – to win!


That way when it comes to creating your campaign you go in feeling confident that you know what your objective is, who your target audience is and you have a range of ideas for creative.


If after reading this, you are thinking you need some professional support Say Hello earlier rather than later! Can’t wait to work with you!

Good Luck – I can’t wait to see your ads!




Vanessa Rinaldi is a Facebook Advertising Strategist and a member of discovHer


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