Today, Hannah from HSR-Creative is here to share five reasons why every small business should be blogging!

Maintaining a high quality, well-researched blog may seem like a huge amount of effort for an unquantifiable ROI. However, research has shown that bloggers who are able to establish themselves as an authority in their chosen field are able to influence their readers’ purchase decisions.

In order to gain traction as a blogger you will need to be posting regularly and be addressing questions that your target audience wants answered. Each post will need to be optimised for search engines, uploaded to your chosen platform, populated with relevant images and shared far and wide on your social media accounts to get in front of as many interested eyes as possible. While this may seem like a sizeable undertaking, the benefits can be huge, allowing you to build an engaged following of loyal customers who will choose your company over much larger businesses who otherwise seem to dominate the market.

Here’s What Blogging Can Do For Your Business:

1. Builds Brand Awareness 

A blog is the window to your brand’s personality. It goes further and is more dynamic than your ‘About Us’ page on your website, giving you the opportunity to build awareness of what your brand really stands for.  If you talk about other brands in your blog, be sure to let them know, so that they have the opportunity to share your content and let their audience know about you too.

2. Boosts Website Traffic

Use your social platforms to share your blog content each time you post. If you talk about a product or service you offer in the article, link to the relevant page on your website and encourage followers to click through to learn more. Many of the people who follow you on social channels may never have visited your website and blogging is a great way to encourage them to do so.

3. Provides More Qualified Leads (for less)

Compared to Pay Per Click and Direct Mail, blogging is a more efficient and cost effective way to acquire qualified leads who are interested in what you do and likely to convert from browsers to customers.

4. Increases Sales

The more time people spend on your site the more likely they are to become customers. If you can create interesting, relevant content to keep them coming back to your website, many of them will make the jump from readers to buyers.

5. Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

A dynamic website that is regularly posting fresh, relevant content will beat a similar website that is not. A bit of keyword research will identify which keywords your site is able to compete for and these can be included naturally in your blog posts, so that people searching for those terms are more likely to find your business.


You may find that you attract attention for your business on social media, but you can really build on the relationships you start on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter if those followers become regular readers of your blog.

Social media is to blogging what seeing someone to say hello to in the street is to inviting them round for dinner. It’s time to build stronger relationships with your current and future customers. It’s time to start blogging.

HSR-Creative specialise in digital content creation for small businesses. Whether you want help with writing the content for a new website or would like on-going assistance with blogging, email newsletters or social media HSR-Creative can help.

Current clients include the Amazon Growing Business Award winners Proviz Sports and Warwickshire Muddy Stilettos Best Jewellery Store Award nominee Wild & Fine. Visit the HSR-Creative Testimonials page to see what people are saying about the service, then fill in the contact form to arrange a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements. 




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    Hear Hear! I urge everyone to write either blogs or articles for their online presence and agree totally with Hannah. Now I’ve just got to write my own…..(practise what I preach and all that….).

    Elaine at Pickled Ginger