You’re working on your own, you have several ‘things’ on the go.  Everything is taking weeks. Even months. And you’re going it alone and life is getting in the way.

The weeks roll on and you start to loose focus.  Things take over, the project goes on the back burner, you feel cross with yourself for not completing it.  You feel demotivated.  Everyone else seems to be making progress.

You’re falling behind. Really behind. Panic sets in. It seems easier to give up than keep going.  Does any of this feel familiar?


Accountability Group…..what is it.

An accountability group—in which a small bunch of people share their goals, report back on their progress and hold each other accountable—is a fantastic way of getting things done.

To get serious results, you need to keep just a few things in mind on how I have split you up…..

1. Don’t group with people that like each other.

It can be tempting to group with your closest friends or people you have worked with and get along well with.  Sometimes friends have a hard time offering constructive criticism for fear of upsetting the applecart.  Focussing on getting the job done will stand you in better stead and being accountable is a great way of motivating!.

2. Make sure you understand whats expected of you.

I’m not expecting people to sign a contract – its more of a ‘psychological contract’ – by committing to this, you will be actively participating in it as otherwise other members of the group will not benefit.

Please understand that this is an accountability group.  Not a mastermind group (where work challenges are shared).  An accountability group is focussed on action orientation.  Of course you can suggest ideas and solutions to challenges, but the main purpose of this is to encourage individuals action by holding each person accountable to their set goals. I have set you all up into groups so that once a month you can meet on Zoom and hold more of a mastermind group where people in your group can help you out.

3. Keep Goals Smart and Stupid

Make sure that what you are putting out there is SMART

Specific – Rather than “make a new range of clothing,” say “work on choosing the shape of the long sleeved tops”

Measurable – Can you tell when you have achieved the goal? For example “contact the clothing supplier to confirm the design of the long sleeve tops”

Attainable – The goal should be achievable (even if it’s a stretch).

Relevant – Each small goal should relate to whatever your bigger goals are.

Time-bound – Be clear when you will complete each goal. There is nothing more motivating than putting a date out there into the public domain.

But also keep each goal “stupid”—as in, “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” Overly complex goals can drain your energy while you work out what it was you were supposed to be doing.

A “stupid” goal, with too many different aspects which also aren’t specified clearly, might be: “choose and entire fashion range this week, get home admin tasks done, and do rest of my part time job. Get better at negotiating and do non-fiction reading before bed time.”

A SMART goal would be “By Friday, complete the research and planning for the long sleeve tops, speak to supplier about our choice of top and ask for them to forward the best fabrics for us to choose for these tops”

4. Consequences (but we are very happy to tolerate failure as its part of growing)

The group’s energy is crucial, so if someone is missing for over 2 weeks, we will send you a direct message to ask if everything is ok.  Once that is done, if you are not participating, we will quietly remove you from the group.

Get Serious Results (and Keep Your Sense of Humor)

An accountability group can be fantastic for making progress over time on your goals. It will force you to look strategically at the week ahead and establish clear priorities that you can check back in on if you start to procrastinate or become overwhelmed about what to do next.

And after a bad week, you’ll have a community of people who will support you, and will remind you to wipe the slate clean.

That way you can start each week fresh, with a smile.

A great accountability group will help you keep on top of your projects, not only letting you catch up but get ahead.

Choose your group wisely and set it up well, and you will be ready to achieve some serious results.

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