My name is Laura Ludlow and this is my table top start up business.

This is a curated, members only website for women (not just for mums- all women) who have businesses or would like to launch a business.  It is a private space where business can be discussed between members and collaborations can be made and support given.  There are multiple opportunities to increase awareness of your business whilst getting valuable support and much needed hand holding from other membHers.

Once we are established, discovHer will form a boutique marketplace (a teeny weeny notonthehighstreet) of products which sit well side by side which will be open for anyone to shop from.

The final part of the plan is to roll out a mentoring scheme (which is opt in or out to members) to girls/young women who are showing signs of business acumen but may not get the kind of support they need in their home environment.

I don’t like words like gang, tribe, girl, boss, and this project is not about being overtly feminist or man bashing. I’m not into mum gangs and wouldn’t want to define a group by being inclusive/exclusive – it’s about women, their creativity, diversity and ability to support one another.

Forward this to anyone who may be interested (there are no geographical limits – if you have a service or product and a website or busy insta account, this is going to be relevant to you). There will be meet ups happening in many places once momentum starts.

I’m so excited about this, I’m so lucky to know so many talented women it seems natural to have the opportunity to bring everyone together.

Laura X

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